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Automation Modular Aluminium Extrusion Profiles Systems.

Lital Automation Profile System.



LAPS - Lital Automation Profile System is a flexible, modular, economical, easy and 
fast to apply construction system. It is definitely your ideal source for machine 
building and integrating Factory Automation solutions such as Conveyor Systems, 
Automation Equipment, Material Handling Systems, Machine Safety Guards and 
Casements, Machine Bases and Frames, Portable Cleanroom Enclosures, Control
Consoles, Work Benches, Shelves, Exhibition Partitions, Display Panels, Racking 
and many other applications.

LAPS consists of a wide range of aluminium profile structures, combining with 
flexible hardware and component systems. It is basically classified under "LAPS 



Why should I use modular construction system?

Modular construction system provides many advantages in various applications such as:

  • Unlimited creativity and solutions.
  • Flexibility and Versatility.
  • Simple handling due to lighter weight.
  • Time saving due to quick and easy assembly and disassembly methods.
  • No complicated machinery needed, only sawing, drilling and taping.

Why should I choose LAPS ?

LAPS is definitely your ideal choice for modular construction system because:

  • LAPS is best quality with the most competitive price.
  • LAPS has the widest range of profile structures.
  • LAPS profiles are highly corrosion and scratch resistant, natural anodised in 
    lacquered finished with extra protection layer and attractive glossy appearance.
  • LAPS accessories are standard, compatible with profiles of most brands and 
    mostly localised to be cost-effective.
  • Large availability of stock.
  • We have machinery facilities, highly trained and experienced personnel and 
    Engineers to support your implementation, we provide consultation, assistance, construction and even customisation to fulfill your every single concepts and


LAPS Classifications

P20 Series Profile Range 

 P20 Series Profiles -  20mm x 20mm, 20mm x 40mm,  20mm x 80mm

P30 Series Profile Range 

 P30 Series Profiles -  30mm x 30mm, 30mm x 60mm

P40 Series Profile Range 

 P40 Series Profiles -  40mm x 40mm, 40mm x 80mm

P45 Series Profile Range 

 P45 Series Profiles -  45mm x 45mm, 45mm x 60mm,  45mm x 90mm

P80 Series Profile Range 

 P80 Series Profiles -  80mm x 80mm
CP Series Profile Range  CP Series Profiles - Various Types Of Conveyor Profiles.
DP Series Profile Range  DP Series Profiles - Various Types Of Display Profiles.


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